3 Empowering Benefits of a Managed Print Service

Posted on Dec 12, 2016

Purchasing or leasing a new copier is often easier than managing the costs that go along with it. Industry analyst Gartner estimates businesses spend between 1-3% of their annual revenue on printing. For a lot of organizations, print often does not fall under a central department and so its costs are not fully documented. To control print costs, many businesses in recent years have turned to a managed print service (MPS) maintained by a trusted partner. A turnkey MPS solution is truly liberating for any organization, bringing efficiency and savings to an enterprise component that's often tricky to nail down.

Here are the 3 most empowering benefits of MPS that we've come across here at A&A

1) Reduced Costs

Most MPS programs usually bill on one of two metrics. The first is by "click," or each time the copier processes an action. The other is "per seat" billing, which is based on the number of users with access to print. Both methods have their benefits, but the value is in the supplies and service that come with it. Just-in-time toner shipments and automated service calls are generated with the aid of software from your print partner. This monitoring software, including programs from Print Audit and Printfleet, tracks print metrics and relays alerts to your print partner, with little intervention on your behalf. The result is not just savings, but a better understanding of your usage.

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2) Print Fleet Consolidation

Here at A&A, we see an all too familiar sight: A business with way more desktop printers, faxes and scanners than they actually need. It's no wonder it's near impossible to track the cost of maintaining everything! MPS programs track print metrics, which is useful in determing which office locations generate how much and what kind of paper. This data can then be used to reclaim desktop devices and to then to strategically deploy networked multifunctional printers (MFP) without any impact to productivity. Although MFPs have become increasingly affordable, they do carry a significant upfront cost. However, the total cost of ownership over the machine's life can't be beat.

3) Ease IT Strain

An over extended fleet of desktop printers put a lot of pressure on a business's IT resources. Believe it or not, up to 53% of all help desk calls are printer related according to IDC. Contracted service calls under an MPS program mean service technicians can be dispatched from your print partner without vying for precious help desk time. Additionally, consolidating to MFPs using the data provided from your MPS program reduces the number of machines that need to be monitored and serviced. All of this adds up to freeing up your IT resources so they can focus on other, perhaps more pressing, issues.

In short, a good MPS program with a trusted vendor saves money and finds efficiencies. And the benefits extended beyond even those here, for example, managed print can also help with your company's paperless or "go green" initiatives. Here at A&A, we also strive to provide our MPS customers with all the information to make informed decisions with detailed quarterly reviews. MPS is really about empowerment. Empowerment with the best tools and best data to improve print and the office as a whole.

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