5 Misconceptions of Managed Print Services

Posted on Oct 11, 2018

 In the pantheon of new services available to today's companies, Managed Print Services has its own particular niche. It's a specialty service in an inherently complex business world, and it’s a little bit difficult for some clients to really define.

In general, Managed Print Services means the vendor is handling a lot of the logistics and end-to-end processes around strategic treatment of a firm’s printing needs. If regular printing is just the paper and the toner and the physical act of printing itself, Managed Print Services is all of those extras like coordinating print jobs, sourcing materials and managing a timeline for a print project.

Here are some of the common misconceptions that people have about Managed Print Services and the realities that make this a viable option that benefits many small to medium-size businesses.

Misconception #1: It's going to be radically expensive

Many people assume that Managed Print Services comes with a hefty price tag – after all, it's a comprehensive service.

The reality is that businesses can often get Managed Print Services at pretty reasonable prices, and save money on things like toner and fancy equipment.

Misconception #2: I will need all new hardware

Companies concerned with the initial capital outlay may assume they need brand-new printers to have Managed Print Services work for them. This really isn't the case, and MPS is versatile enough to be able to meet a business halfway, and help change existing infrastructure and processes into something efficient and productive.

Misconception #3: Working with multiple vendors helps keep costs down

Some companies have the idea that they should work with multiple vendors in order to be able to negotiate on cost.

In reality, this doesn't always work out well – partly because every vendor has its own costs of doing business, and because the organization itself suffers from complexity and a lot of overhead and planning all of those vendor contracts individually.

Managed Print Services is something that works well as a whole – when everything is consolidated, businesses can often get a better price.

Misconception #4: It's going to take hours of work

Many clients who have never had Managed Print Services on board are also scared of having to sit in endless brainstorming sessions and take long meetings, which can actually have a negative impact on their productivity.

However, the best vendor firms know that executives at client offices don’t need to fear the bloat of this sort of project. They’ve had experience keeping things in line with expectations and making sure that clients aren’t overtaxed with the demands of the program.

Misconception #5: It’s too complex – and it’ll sink us

It's true that new technologies and services can become a burden if they're not implemented correctly. However, at A & A Office Systems, we know how to introduce Managed Print Services that are a net positive and not a net negative.

Let us help you to explore the world of Managed Print Services and benefit from this kind of cutting-edge vendor option.

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