A&A is Retiring its Everyday Copier Social Campaign

Posted on Dec 16, 2015

When I took responsibility of A&A Office Systems' social media platforms in late 2015, I wanted to bring a human touch to our posts. As great and as helpful as our office technology is, it's not always fun. Copiers are functional. I wanted to make them relatable.

I was nervous to publish the first post in this still unnamed campaign. The concept was strange, both for A&A and for the industry, and I was eager to prove an audience for this kind of irreverence. Our first post rung in the new year, 2016.


We never posted this again. I felt this was on the right track, but perhaps too silly for our product and our audience. I ran with the idea of anthropomorphizing a Savin copier, often times as a colleague here at A&A, but focused the humor on the copier finding itself in everyday situations. The campaign had found its voice and its name: Everyday Copier.

Everyday Copier made its way into a regular Friday schedule as a kind of casual, end-of-the-week treat, and has run for two years. Our internal metrics indicate, sadly, that Everday Copier never drove sales. Prospects did not click through our social media posts and become customers based on this campaign. While it would have been great if Everyday Copier did generate sales, that was never the intention.

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As part of inbound methodology (that is, attracting prospective customers and existing customers to your website), Hubspot advocates delighting your audience. Everyday Copier was the delight. It was the free dessert at the end of the meal; it was never the meal itself.

This is not to say Everyday Copier did not generate web traffic or attention. Everyday Copier brought visitors to our website on a day (Friday) that is otherwise generally not a popular day for the social media channels that bring A&A the most leads (Twitter and LinkedIn), and also garnered positive feedback from our customers and business partners alike. In this respect, as a part of several, codependent, fully developed social media campaigns, Everyday Copier was a success.

But, alas, our copier is ready for retirement. He's brought delight to our audience for two years, but he feels his work is done. We sincerely hope you've enjoyed our copier's antics and we look forward to delighting you with new surprises in 2018.

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Our copier was a hard worker! If you want to learn more about the the sorts of things your copier can do, contact A&A 

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