Desktop as a Service - Why Your Organization Can Benefit from DaaS

Posted on Dec 19, 2018

We live in a world of digital acronyms SaaS, Iaas, PaaS, and more. But there’s one that may not be as familiar, DaaS or Desktop as a Service. DaaS provides desktop solutions so that employees can work virtually anywhere without sacrificing the use of critical apps and data. Employees can access all their desktop applications as well as line-of-business software in a cloud-hosted configuration.

With DaaS, employees have the freedom to work from anywhere without incurring any additional expenses. DaaS is a modern digital workspace that improves productivity because there’s no downtime for employees—in or out of the office.

A desktop in the cloud

Desktop as a Service operates as a cloud computing solution. A business chooses a DaaS cloud provider to host all the back end technology so that the business can have a virtual desktop infrastructure.

When a company opts for a DaaS system, its desktop operating systems run on virtual machines on servers in the selected cloud provider’s data center. Every part of the support infrastructure necessary such as network resources and storage also operates in the cloud. 

The DaaS provider then streams the company’s virtual desktops over a dedicated network to the company’s designated devices. Employees and other end users can then access them through a web browser or software.

More data security with a DaaS Solution.

Using a Desktop as a Service dramatically improves security for a business. By not using hard drives to store sensitive information, the opportunity for data breaches is nearly impossible. With a DaaS solution, there is very little threat of employees downloading malicious files and infecting the business network because it's difficult for viruses to break through remote displays. Using a virtual desktop has minimal risk in security issues.

DaaS creates more flexibility and mobility

Desktop as a Service provides the mobility to keep remote workers working efficiently with no connection issues. Employees can access their PC desktops from anywhere on any device so that they can work at any time. DaaS systems are easy to implement with deployment of new software, updates and apps taking just minutes instead of days. DaaS also provides a built-in disaster recovery strategy so that employees experience minimal downtime and internal IT teams can focus on other issues.

With the constantly growing desktop computing needs of enterprises today, a DaaS solution makes perfect sense for the flexibility, security, mobility and cost effectiveness it provides. Employees enjoy the ability to work anywhere, at any time, and IT departments appreciate the scalability and ease of working with a DaaS system that provides the ultimate in security and maintenance-free operation.

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