The Impact Color Has on Your Brand and Business

Posted on Jun 9, 2017

It's no secret that humans are visual creatures. Art, photos, film, we love to take splendor in with our eyes. The truth is, your business is no different and color in particular is important to your brand. Numerous studies have been conducted exploring the psychology of color and why we respond to colors (and brands!) differently.

Your brain, for example, responds better to well known brands. This may be because your brain has an easier time processing something familar, while a lesser known brand takes more effort. Well known brands also tend to solicit a positive emotion. 

Other studies include:

Dimensions of Brand Personality, which suggests that we tend to pair colors with particular emotions and traits, such as red with excitement.

The Interactive Effects of Color and Products on Perceptions of Brand Logo Appropriateness demonstrates the inherent value we place on these colors by assessing how well a color fits with a brand's personality and product.

Exciting Red and Competent Blue: The Importance of Color in Marketing takes it a step further and says that the perception of a suitable color match can affect purchasing decisions.

And finally, Impact of Color on Marketing, which finds that people can make up their minds about a product within 90 seconds, and color affects their decision up to 90% of the time!

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Now, with all this in mind, does it really make sense to leave your branding to chance? A trusted print partner can help keep your branding and colors in check, but for total control, nothing beats an in-house production print system. With so much riding on getting your colors just right, there's a lot of value in ensuring your branding always looks its best.

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