How MPS Can Help You Reach Your Sustainability Goals

Posted on Dec 5, 2018

Every business strives to be a purpose-driven story, especially now when people care where their products come from. A survey shows that 58% of U.S. consumer-respondents review a company’s effort for sustainability, specifically its impact on the environment, before making a purchase. Also, the sustainability practices of the company influence the buying decisions of 50% of customers. Many other studies have echoed these findings.

A cleaner growth is great for a company’s bottom line because it improves brand image, creates an unbeatable competitive advantage, reduces waste and cost, and maximizes productivity. Because consumers are in a phase of proactively looking to adopt sustainable behaviors, backing companies that hold the same values as them is only its most logical extension.

Managed Print Services: The Foolproof Catalyst to Business Sustainability

Managed printing service (MPS) is a print solution that helps companies gain extensive visibility and control into their printer fleet.

As a service offered by external providers, one of the prominent pillars of MPS is its ability to optimize the main components comprising the print environment of your business. Managed print services has many benefits including, increase efficiency, productivity, document security, and sustainability while slashing the costs expended for the flow and management of documents.

6 Ways Managed Print Services Encourages Sustainability for Business

  • Makes paper document digital- The advanced Optical Character Recognition (OCR) feature lifts the text from your hard copies and accurately converts it to digital documents. This converted data can be automatically classified and saved in its appropriate location, which eliminates the need for filing, sorting and manually entering data. The accurate conversion of the document ensures that you aren’t wasting paper making error-filled copies, and then printing more out to correct your mistakes.
  • Makes data mobile- Digital data is more nimble and mobile than paper. With Managed Print Services, you get mobile adept technologies that allows the follow of pertinent information between you and your employees, with just a click of a few buttons. No need to make multiple hard copies of contracts, receipts or other information to share with your team.  Captured data from images or papers gets transformed into a digital format which can be quickly routed to any team member.
  • E-signatures make contract signing paperless- Going paperless is an amazing plan, but once you realize you need a document to be signed to onboard a new employee, your plan comes to a halt. You end up printing out a bunch of forms for physical signature. What if you are on-boarding, not one but ten employees? Or what if you need 100 copies of contracts to get signed by 100 clients? These numbers can easily add up. Signing a receipt, forms and contract exhaust many resources— paper, ink, and energy. From getting these forms created to delivering them to the right person, these processes are cumbersome and resource exhaustive. E-Signature technology makes document signing a breeze. Plus, you get your hands on the signed documents within just a few minutes, keeping the whole process paperless, efficient and devoid of waste. 
  • Intelligent Green reporting-  MPS equips your company with intelligent devices that track and identifies the energy use of your print fleet. And these reports are extensive. It even identifies which department is exhausting the most resources, the costs associated with their monthly printing habits and locates specific areas that can be optimized for energy efficiency. It also shows you how impactful your sustainability efforts are by providing results about CO2 emissions, saving energy and resources, like time. With this information in hand, the key decision makers in your company, along with the staff, will be more inclined to continue being cognizant when it comes to sustainable printing.
  • Paper-free presentations- Productive meetings are fundamental to a company’s success. But meeting means printing out notes, handouts, binders, and more for each of the attendees— for one-time use— every single time. The smart devices found in Managed Printing Services enables you to create digital PDF ’s and quickly share it with the attendees. These documents can be accessed on their mobile, laptops or any device which is perfect if you have a work culture that encourages BYOD. 
  • User authenticated printing and access- If you are worried about compromising security in an attempt to go green, don’t worry, digital documents can help improve your security. Most MSP solutions like Ricoh and HP commercial MFPs allow you to set user permissions on document sharing, and it also lets you use PIN-protected printing. This way you get full control over who accesses and prints the sensitive documents.

With a suite of energy and paper-saving technologies, Managed printing services facilitate companies to experience growth without harming the environment. From thoroughly analyzing your company’s present printing infrastructure to providing a roadmap and robust solutions to make the document management processes energy-efficient and sustainable, the best MPS providers keep your environmental footprint low, optimized your document management processes for efficiency, and makes every single printout matter.

Be Sustainable the Right Way with A&A Office Systems

A&A is partnered with multiple brands at the forefront of driving sustainable solutions to printing problems of companies worldwide. If you are looking for environment- friendly document management equipment and a superior MPS provider, then A&A may have the right solution for you. 

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