Artificial Intelligence

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AI Meets Document Management

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a game-changer, and it has arrived in the document services sphere. Here we take a look at some fantastic innovations, and the changes we see unfolding right now. Scanning, Reimagined Scanners are integrating AI. Additionally, thanks to advances in Optical Character Recognition, the transformation of image to document is becoming accurate, automatic, and easy. And what’s really phenomenal is that with Machine Learning (ML), the more documents a machine scans, the nearer it gets to a human reader’s level of accuracy. This is leading to many exciting developments. Consider just one example. You take a photo of a business card and zip the information instantly into your customer relationship manager (CRM). Or you take a photo of a document, notes, or presentation content, and have your image seamlessly transformed into a PDF you can edit. Done! Your document storage just went mobile. Adobe Scan is a pocket-sized model of innovation in AI-based text recognition. ...

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