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Artificial Intelligence and the Evolution of Print

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and real-life examples of machine learning are suddenly showing up everywhere. Today, machines can operate in a way that mimics, assists, and in some cases replaces the need for human thought and action. With AI, computers prepare to do things by processing large volumes of information, and then picking up on patterns in the data.  In this way, "trained" devices might relieve humans from many ordinary tasks. They just need to adjust to new scenarios based on past occurrences. Robots are, indeed, doing what humans have traditionally done for retail stores: alerting shoppers to trip hazards and performing janitorial duties. Next up: self-driving deliveries and origami grocery baggers. In addition to retail, the key vertical markets for AI include transit, search marketing, financial technology, healthcare, and countless more.  Major corporations developing AI applications include the iconic printing company IBM. How Will AI Change the Print Industry? AI ...

How a Quality Multi-Function Printer Benefits a Business

These days, most businesses and offices need more than just a printer or a “plain-jane” copier. Multi-function printers/scanners are rapidly becoming standard ...

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Benefits of Using a Multifunction Printer for Your Business

An office is only as good as its people, but if your team is struggling with outdated equipment, you could be missing out on valuable potential. Take a ...

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5 Reasons to Buy Your Copier From an Independent Dealer

If you’re in the market for a new copier (or MFP if you prefer!), you have a lot of decisions to make. What PPM is right for you? Do you need to store ...

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