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4 Benefits of Using a Virtual Private Server (VPS) For Your Business

These days, more and more businesses are moving away from “plain-vanilla” virtual/shared hosting plans and opting to set up a Virtual Private Server (VPS) for their various website hosting and other networking/data-related needs.  There are several reasons for this upward trend. One being that VPS solutions simply provide more power, autonomy, and flexibility than most standard virtual or shared plans, and at a slightly higher average cost.  They are also easier to scale up when more power, memory, and storage resources are needed. Best of all, without having to migrate from one account level to another. These two popular reasons only scratch the surface when it comes to understanding the benefits and value that a quality VPS setup can deliver.  First off, let’s cover specifically what a Virtual Private Server (VPS) is: Quite simply, it’s a completely independent “virtual machine” that is configured to run on a master server. Which in turn hosts it along with several other VPS “machines” ...

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