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Disaster Recovery Plans and Why Your Business Needs One

A question that is often overlooked by many businesses is “Do we have a disaster recovery plan?” Now, you are probably thinking that it’s not important but a DR plan is one of the most important plans you should have for your business continuity. It could potentially save your business one day and without one you all of your hard work could be gone in an instant. Did you know, that about 56% of enterprises in North America still do not have good DR plans in place according to a study by CA Technologies in 2010. That means more than half of our country is at risk of losing their business. And those who are fortunate enough to survive without a DR plan will be barely hanging on to whatever aspect they have left. Scary, right? Well thankfully there is a way to help prevent all of this from happening, by having a very detailed disaster recovery plan. But what exactly is a disaster recovery plan? It is a plan that businesses put in place to prevent or handle a disaster whether it be natural ...

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