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A&A is an Avast GOLD Partner

When A&A purchased Recol, a data center in Branford, CT in the fall of 2016, our aim was to build broader avenues for office technology. Today, the document lifecycle has changed quite a bit since our founding and documents spend some of their time in the cloud. In fact, it turns out a lot of office technology lives in the cloud now! Bringing Recol, which we now call Cloudsmart, into the fold presented fresh challenges for us. To our benefit, the team at A&A Office Systems is reasonably tech literate. We were as prepared as a copier company could be, but the culture shock was undeniable. Read More: A&A Office Systems Recognized as Technology Solutions Leader The transition was seamless for both A&A and Recol customers, but internally, we pulled together to better understand the technology at the core of Cloudsmart. We dug into training, classes, inspections and certifications.  Among one of our most valuable partnerships is with Avast (formerly AVG). As a GOLD Partner, Avast serves ...

6 Brilliant Features of Print Audit 6

Businesses and organizations have increasingly turned to managed print services to reduce costs and reduce downtime in recent years. A good MPS program ...

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A&A Office Systems Recognized as Technology Solutions Leader

"Solutions" is a buzzword, but a helpful one. Solutions are a kind of quick marketing potpourri for a variety of services and products that are otherwise ...

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3 Empowering Benefits of a Managed Print Service

Purchasing or leasing a new copier is often easier than managing the costs that go along with it. Industry analyst Gartner estimates businesses spend between ...

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A&A Office Systems Mission Statement Highlights a Commitment to Our Clients

A&A Office Systems is proud to present our new mission statement. The new mission statement replaces our previous statement of more than 20 years, "To ...

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What is Electronic Document Management?

Many businesses, organizations and municipalities are increasingly implementing electronic document management in their offices. It's estimated that by ...

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5 Reasonable Ways to Lower Your Print Costs

Print costs are sneaky. They can creep up on the most eagle eyed of purchasers or IT directors and quickly spiral out of control. According to the technology ...

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Where is The Cloud? Where's My Stuff?

In 1997, the former CEO of Apple, the late Steve Jobs, described a process internal at Apple wherein he would upload his personal files to a server, and ...

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How to Have the Worst File Organization Ever

In the day-to-day workplace grind, it's easy for good file organization to become an afterthought. Over time, it's easy for bustle, lax policies, and carelessness ...

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