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What Is a VPS and Why Your Business Needs One

Virtual Private Servers or VPS is not new technology. The concept, however, is finding innovative uses for enterprises looking for an economical and reliable method to expand their on-line operations without destroying their budget. A VPS is a setup that mimics the server functions of a physical computer that would otherwise be located at your business location. But a VPS is virtual instead so it is located somewhere in a datacenter that is accessible over the Internet. Like a physical computer server, a VPS stores all of the data and files your company uses for its databases or website. When using a VPS, you have choices on the amount of storage space, system RAM (Random Access Memory), and choice of operating system. Operating your own VPS is not rocket science. A hosting service can handle the heavy lifting for you. So can your company's IT team. A&A Office Systems makes using your personalized VPS a simple, affordable, and secure process. The key to you accessing this smart business ...

5 Misconceptions of Managed Print Services

 In the pantheon of new services available to today's companies, Managed Print Services has its own particular niche. It's a specialty service in an inherently ...

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Ricoh Smart Operation Panel: A Conduit of Collaboration

What if I told you that you that your copier could be a secure customizable, educational, collaborative powerhouse? You might think I'm nuts. You might ...

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Virtual Private Servers: Getting the Most From VPS

Virtual private servers make a good midway point between shared hosting and dedicated hosting: a perfect balance for a small or medium business, or an ...

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What is DeNIST in eDiscovery?

It's not a typo! DeNISTing is a powerful eDiscovery tool designed to make legal document review much easier. What is DeNIST? DeNIST is, in short, removing ...

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Optical Character Recognition: The Unsung Hero of the Modern Office

In the modern office, there are a lot of processes and devices that make life easier. Some are obvious: card authentication, cloud backups, the break room ...

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What is Rules Based Printing?

Whether you're a small business or a large enterprise, you have a need to track and control your print. Taking a laissez faire attitude toward the print ...

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7 Ways Ricoh GlobalScan NX Streamlines Your Documents

Keeping the documents within your business properly organized and routed to the right place is undeniably important. And sometimes, it's a little more ...

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A&A Office Systems Uses AWS IoT Button For Supplies and Service

By now, you may have heard of Amazon's Dash Button. It's a small device with a single button that you can place in your home. Each Dash Button is linked ...

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