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7 Things to Expect With Managed IT Services

Thinking about managed IT services can be stressful. While it may seem like leveraging a managed service provider would be a challenge or even a culture shock to your existing team, nothing could be further from the truth. A solid vendor with a proven track record will make the implementation as hassle free as possible, and work toward complimenting your department and policies. You stand to only gain a powerful ally in safeguarding your network and your information. Here are 7 things to expect with managed IT services. Improved Security Today, when aggressive viruses and crippling ransomware can hold your network hostage, engaging a managed service provider can shore up your IT security. A trusted partner will have the tools and certifications to ensure safety and business continuity. Cost Savings If your IT team is constantly running ragged, it's a good decision to consider bringing on additional help. But bringing on a new internal employee can be costly and time consuming. ...

6 Benefits of an Enterprise Cloud File Sharing Platform

To a certain generation, the term "file sharing" might evoke memories of Napster, Kazaa or Limewire. To yet another generation, it might just mean dropping ...

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5 Ways to Tell if Your IT Department is Strained

Intellectual property, sensitive information and personal data make up the heartbeat of any enterprise. As your organization becomes increasingly reliant ...

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A Guide to Planning Your Document Scanning Project

Taking on a document scanning project is no small feat. Despite the challenge, the effort will undoubtedly pay off. Once your paper files are scanned into ...

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How A&A Uses Net Promoter Score to "Close the Loop"

It's often difficult to gauge not just customer satisfaction, but customer loyalty. Here at A&A Office Systems, we wanted to make this typically opaque ...

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4 Reasons to Backup to the Cloud

We've talked about backups here on the A&A Blog in the past. We're a big fan of backups! Unfortunately, far too many organizations are not quite the fans ...

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Boost Your Information Security with Electronic Document Management

Electronic document management is the best way to keep your files organized and immediately accessible throughout your organization. But did you know EDMS ...

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Document Scanning for Law Offices

Scanning paper documents to digital files carries a number of universal benefits no matter what industry your organization is in. Document scanning is ...

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What is a Group Purchasing Organization (GPO)?

A group purchasing organization (GPO) is an organization designed to leverage the collective might of its members to get preferred pricing on products ...

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