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Cumulus is Cloud File Sharing for the Modern Office

We've talked about how great file sharing is in the past here on the A&A Blog. An enterprise file sharing platform in the cloud is great for security, cost savings, collaboration and more. Here at A&A Office Systems, we offer a great cloud file sharing tool called Cumulus. Built on Nextcloud technology, Cumulus is file sharing for the modern office. It's easy to manage and use, and conveniently accessible across all your devices. There's no user limit, so the whole office can upload, share and edit in Cumulus. The best part is that all your synced files are stored securely in our SOC II certified private data center, Cloudsmart. Read More: 6 Benefits of an Enterprise Cloud Sharing Platform Here are some of the great benefits of Cumulus: Identify folders on your PC or Mac to sync to the cloud and Cumulus will automatically upload to the cloud as you add new files Access Cumulus in any web browser or right on your mobile device Files and folders can be easily marked for sharing ...

How to Have the Best Copier Security

Your copier (or multifunctional printer, MFP) is a computer. Many devices, including your mobile phone or smart TV, are now computers even though they ...

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How to Achieve Office Collaboration Nirvana

Interoffice collaboration helps keeps the engine running. No person is an island and no department can do it alone. The importance of working together ...

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The Impact Color Has on Your Brand and Business

It's no secret that humans are visual creatures. Art, photos, film, we love to take splendor in with our eyes. The truth is, your business is no different ...

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Ransomware is a Harsh Reminder to Backup and Protect Your Systems

The spread of WannaCry and Petya earlier in 2017 has been a harsh reminder to backup and protect your computers and network. WannaCry, also known as WCry, ...

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What is VoIP and How Can It Transform Your Business?

The simplest explanation of VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) is this: You can transmit your voice or data over an IP-based network instead of through ...

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Office Technology Security Key Theme at A&A's SecTech Summit Event

Technology security is on everyone's mind these days, and rightfully so. Big data is a big deal. Digital information has never been more convenient, but, ...

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Seat Based Billing (SBB): A Turning Point for Managed Print Services

Before the introduction of managed print services, the concept of cost per print, CPP (or CPC, cost per click, in some circles) had yet to take form. You ...

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3 Features of Ricoh ICE That Will Breathe New Life Into Your Documents

As the mechanisms that run our businesses become ever more digital in nature, one thing is certain: If your documents are in paper form only, your information ...

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