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What is Document Indexing?

Document management is tough. Even when you have your document scanning workflow all sorted, and you've invested in a top notch electronic document management system (EDMS) or some variety of electronic content management (ECM), there's still the matter of document indexing. In comparison to the rest of your document management project, indexing may seem like one of the less important components. It may be tempting to handle indexing later, well after document capture, or overly simplify the indexing method to expedite the process or to save on costs, but this could cause trouble down the road. Every project is different. One organization may need something specific from document management that another does not. But if I can impart anything about indexing is that a plan should absolutely be considered before capture, and if a specific indexing process is determined to be necessary, to implement it at the earliest opportunity. Not only is retroactively applying indexing methods costly ...

Bring the Team Together with Visual Communications

Visual communcation may just be the biggest business, collaboration and educational tool you're not making the most of! Now, to be clear, the term "visual ...

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What Does PPM Mean on a Printer?

When I first started working at A&A Office Systems, I'll admit, I didn't know a single thing about copiers, printers or MFPs. Three years later, I like ...

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5 Benefits of Colocation

Many organizations are now choosing to co-locate their data off premise at a secure data center or another location outside of their office. But what is ...

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A&A is Retiring its Everyday Copier Social Campaign

When I took responsibility of A&A Office Systems' social media platforms in late 2015, I wanted to bring a human touch to our posts. As great and as helpful ...

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How Do I Recycle My Toner and Ink Cartridges?

If you've just purchased your first office printer or copier you maybe be wondering, "How do I recycle the toner and ink cartridges?" Heck, maybe you've ...

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The Benefits of In-House Production Print

It's easy to think production print is the realm of marketers, graphic artists and designers alone, but it's not just branding that demands a powerful ...

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A&A Earns Ricoh Family Group Circle of Excellence Certification for 2018

A&A Office Systems' service department has been awarded Ricoh Family Group's Circle of Excellence Award for 2018. This is the third consecutive year A&A ...

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5 Ways Nuance eCopy ShareScan Will Improve Your Office

It might come as no surprise that we here at A&A Office Systems think the copier can be a cornerstone to your office. What might come as a greater shock ...

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